Animals and Religion

Few religious leaders convey the richness and strength of religious teachings about animals. This website was created because we can only honor religious teachings that we understand.

Animals and Religion is responsible for the traveling banner exhibit and the Animals and Religion website, which is currently under construction. Both the banner exhibit and the website explore religious ethics and animals (including diet) across religious traditions (including Indigenous, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religious traditions). The banner exhibit was created for a general audience (suitable for schools, churches, conferences, and museums), while the website is directed more toward scholars and activists, though this complex website—the first and only one of its kind—holds something for everyone.

Animals and Religion Vision Statement
Animals and Religion is an educational website providing inspiration and information on the topic of religious ethics and animals.

Animals and Religion Mission Statement
Animals and Religion works toward integrity in faith traditions through education on such foundational concepts as ahimsa, humility, service, and simplicity, in the hope of creating a more peaceful and compassionate world.

About the Creator of animalsandreligion.org

Internationally known for work on behalf of anymals, the environment, and disempowered human beings, professor emeritus Lisa Kemmerer is the founder and director of the educational non-profit, Tapestry. Kemmerer, who earned a BA in International Studies at Reed College, a Master of Theological Studies in Comparative Religions at Harvard, and a PhD in philosophy at Glasgow University in Scotland, has published more than 100 articles/anthology chapters and 10 books, including Animals and World Religions; Sister Species: Women, Animals, and Social Justice; and Eating Earth: Environmental Ethics and Dietary Choice. For more information, please visit lisakemmerer.com and lisakemmerer.com/tapestry.html.

animalsandreligion.org is created and maintained by Tapestry, an educational 501c3 (EIN# 82-4653673).