Animals and Religion

Animals and Religion is an educational website designed to help foster integrity in faith traditions. Through education, Animals and Religion works to strengthen commitments to core religious ethics (such as compassion, humility, service, and simplicity) in the hope of creating a more peaceful and compassionate world.

Currently under construction, Animals and Religions explores core ethics across major traditions, including Indigenous, Asian, and Middle Eastern religious traditions. Within the larger topic of animals and religion, there are seven topics of focus inside each religious tradition:

  1. “Introduction” Page provides an overview of the religious tradition and a detailed outline with hyperlinks.
  2. anymals” explores core, sacred teachings and writings about anymals from inside the faith tradition.
  3. “Diet” offers a point-counterpoint for discussion, focusing on core writings and teachings and the vegan moral imperative.
  4. “Stories” explores narratives from inside religious tradition that in some important way involve anymals, and which help to clarify human-anymal relations and the place of anymals in the larger religious landscape.
  5. While the focus of this website is the strength of anymal ethics inside religious traditions, with an eye to raising awareness and in inspiring change, “Disquietudes” exposes two important ways that contemporary people of faith harm anymals.
  6. “Activism” provides examples of religious practitioners working for change for anymals.
  7. “Resources” Page provides sources for further information, including websites, books, and downloads with further information, including a flier for the website. (Please offer this flier to friends, activists, colleagues, and scholars.)

Animals and Religion is created and maintained by Tapestry, an educational 501c3 (EIN# 82-4653673). If you would like to be part of the change inspired by education at Animals and Religion, please donate online or by check.

We appreciate hearing from those who visit the Animals and Religion website, and we welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions.